Our Mission

Creating a Secure Future.

Terrorist Incident Response is too critical a skill set to be left to just anyone. RISC believes that all Military and First Responders deserve to have the most accurate and up to date information and skills at their disposal.

Towards that goal we have created RISC (Raven International Security Consultants). RISC brings together veteran instructors from the US and UK. We are a 100% Veteran Owned Small Business with one mission: To provide experienced trainers and outstanding training to those who defend our communities. 

Our Vision

RISC Management’s vision is to provide unequaled training to the Nations First Responders and Security Professionals in response to CBRNE threats.  Our programs in IED and VBIED, SEARCH™, THREAT™, VBIED, and WMD awareness and response are second to none.

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