10th Civil Support Team Receives Pioneering IED Course

CAMP MURRAY, WA – The 10th CST became the first in the nation to recieve advanced IED Search training.

The 10th Civil Support Team (CST) from the Washington State National Guard has undergone a pioneering WMD/IED SEARCH training course developed in conjunction with RISC and PLANIT EOD (UK).

In October, members of the 10th CST under the leadership of LTC David Patsiga undertook an IED awareness and SEARCH course for WMD incidents. The course presented the CST with a uncensored look at the reality of modern terrorist operations worldwide and their use of IEDs.

The team was the first in the nation to undergo the SEARCH course for WMD responders and learned life saving techniques to look for, identify, and safely react to complex IED/WMD device incidents utilizing the SEARCH method derived from the premier UK model.

A team from the Tacoma Bomb Squad integrated with the 10th CST in an exercise on the fourth day in response to a mock Ricin laboratory located in a trailer which also contained a Home Made Explosives (HME) lab. The integrated training with various civil first responder disciplines is a hallmark of CST units and the new techniques will be added to their impressive resume of techniques to quickly locate, identify, and assist in WMD incidents for Homeland Security.

RISC Management has IED/WMD SEARCH courses availible to CST, CERFP, and HAZMAT Response Teams nationwide. For more information, see www.riscmgmt.com.

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