RISC Manager Chosen for IED Panel

Boca Raton, FL – Florida Atlantic University in partnership with Capital Media Group has selected Alfred Johnson to it’s Advisory Panel on IEDs.

FAU assembled a panel of leading personnel to discuss IEDs on U.S. Soil and the training needs of first responders. Others on the panel were Kay Goss, CEM the former Clinton administration Associate FEMA Director, Gwendolyn Hall, PHD professional staff member for the House Select Comittee on Homeland Security, and Barry Taylor EVP of HMS Inc.

Along with representatives of the Office of Bombing Prevention, Department of Homeland Security, and local Sheriffs from Broward and Palm Beach Counties, the group discussed current response needs for first responders in the new IED environment, and what first responders will need to train in as a basic skill set in order to safely respond to those IED threats.

RISC Managements Al Johnson provided background on the Thailand IED situation and how the lessons learned from Thailand and critical skills that the Thailand first responders are needing should be looked at by the US.

Florida Atlantic University Deparment of Criminology and Criminal Justice is incorporating these lessons learned in it’s program content.


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