Improvised Explosive Device Electronics – Render Safe IEDs

  • Experienced Master EOD technicians with extensive experience in all facets of C-IED training and implementation.
  • All levels of support from Program Management to Patrolmen.
  • Civilian DHS andMilitary response protocols.
  • International advisory experience.


Specifically engineered for bomb squad technicians, this course familiarizes and teaches participants the components of common electrical circuit triggered improvised explosive devices (IEDs) via X-ray interpretation. Trainers demonstrate secure planning techniques and the implementation of render safe procedures (RSPs). This two-day course effectively provides technicians with the skills necessary to execute safety procedures in the face of explosive threat. An additional feature is a bonus electronics kit enabling respondents the ability to replicate aids for subsequent autonomous practice training.


  • Realistic lanes training allows bomb squad technicians the opportunity to apply classroom skills in simulated trials
  • Utilization of “witness boxes” attached to the training aids dramatically validate a successful or unsuccessful render safe procedure
  • Supplemental electronics kit, materials and training to aid future independent learning
  • Two-day course accommodates allocated bomb squad monthly training allotment for most departments

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