SEcurity Awareness and Response to Concealed Hazards
– Know what to look for and how to find it

  • Systematic method of IED awareness, detection, identification, safety, and response for first responders and military personnel using up to date IED threats worldwide.
  • US MilitaryTSE Packages also available.


In a field where a mistake can cost lives, preparation and prevention are the keys to safety. Led by highly experienced operators and trainers, our SEARCH seminar is designed to educate first responders on the basics of danger awareness and protection. Skills instructed include recognition and safe response to threats incorporating IEDs, render safe, search, post blast, weapons analysis, homemade explosives and bomb network analysis and disruption. Also available is the two-day course, which interfaces the techniques detailed in the conference setting with simulations, providing responders a firsthand look at these critical situations.


  • Complete awareness course designed for all public safety and response personnel
    • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
    • Safe Response/Search
    • Bomb Threats
    • Homemade Explosive Awareness and Safety
  • Realistic training aids
  • Visually and emotionally impacting multimedia
  • Practical demonstration of safe search techniques
  • Personalized curriculum designed to accommodate your need and location

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