Tactical Hazards Response and Explosives Awareness Training
– Mitigate IED/WMD effects upon finding

  • Allows first responders to immediately take control of an IED or WMD incident with proven mitigation techniques.
  • Only RISC trains on both improvised and commercial Explosive Suppression Systems (ESS) and other mitigation techniques.


As tactics of the modern terrorist become more volatile, bomb technicians must be prepared both mentally and physically for these challenges. The most complex and critical incidents involving improvised explosives devices (IEDs) are the chemical environment and hostage/active shooter situation. This course teaches effective strategies to safely respond to these extremely hazardous situations. Using a dynamic and unique approach, RISC incorporates international response protocols with local procedures and existing resources and teaches participants the skills necessary to achieve a safe and successful outcome.


  • Total program for IED response not covered anywhere else
  • Training for two of the most difficult and critical situations:
    • Explosive response in a chemical environment
    • Explosive response in an active shooter/hostage environment
  • Synergetic system reduces individual overload, improves safety and increase the chance of a successful response
  • Integrates bomb squads, HAZMAT and CST into mutually supportive response
  • Modular format allows deliveries on local departments’ training schedule

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